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Reporting Music Used In Your Projects

Are you working on content destined for television, film or radio? Make sure you follow these easy steps to report the music used in your project.

What is a PRO?

Did you know that, after your project is completed and turned in for broadcast, the music it contains will be monitored by music performance rights organizations (PROs)?

PROs are music rights management organizations who have existing agreements with TV networks, radio stations, and other public broadcasters. In the United States, they’re known as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC; in the UK, PRS; in Canada, SOCAN; and so on.

Broadcasting stations are obligated to report to PROs all the music used in their content. Based on this information, PROs will remunerate artists based on how often their music is played.

Why should I report music to a PRO?

First off, if you’ve purchased a Studio 66 license, you don’t need to worry about paying any additional fees — this is handled exclusively by the broadcaster and PRO.

* However, you have a duty to accurately report the music used in your project to the PRO and the music publisher (us).

Thanks to you, artists will be compensated for the public performance of their work!

How do I report the music used in my project?

Music is reported in a cue sheet, which contains details for all the music used in an audio or audiovisual production dedicated for public broadcast.


ASCAP and BMI are now using a standardized cue sheet template that will allow both organizations to process music usage data even faster for the film and television composers, songwriters and publishers each represents.

RapidCue, the industry standard for submitting cue sheets with a greater than 50% use rate, was the first state-of-the-art secure website through which TV, cable and film production companies could enter cue-sheet data. This improved template, which has been built based on the feedback from dozens of broadcasters, production companies, digital service providers and studios, further increases the efficiencies of RapidCue®.

The standardized cue sheet enables data to be submitted once through a single point of entry to, instead of separately to each PRO. The data will then be automatically ingested into ASCAP and BMI's respective databases. This means less work for those submitting the information and eliminates the need for the PROs to re-key cue sheets submitted in Excel, Word or via PDF, resulting in faster, more accurate and more cost-effective processing. 


Blank cue sheet, sample cue sheet as well as detailed instructions are all available here.


All composer and publisher information for our music is available on demand at Simply provide us with the title(s) of the music track(s) used and we will supply you with the necessary cue sheet information.


Once you have completed the cue sheet, make sure you or your production company submits it electronically to

or every PRO listed in the sheet (see contact information below) and to the music publisher (us) at

If you can’t find a PRO’s contact information, please reach out to us at

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