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Our highly curated collection of exclusive royalty free songs are written, recorded, produced and mastered by industry professionals guaranteeing the best quality of songwriting and production.​ Studio 66 is one of the industry’s premier royalty free music library’s supplying music to major television networks, movie studios, gaming studios and streaming tv channels such as Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu. 

All songs on Studio 66 are royalty free with multiple purchase options depending on what your needs are. Click here for pricing options. 

Each song comes with five versions or "stems." The full version, plus additional alternate mix versions to better help fit your needs and make our songs more flexible. 

The list of versions as well as their naming conventions are listed below.


Music previews, available for free download on the Studio 66 Royalty Free Music website, are for testing, demo, and client approval purposes only. 


For information on custom royalty free music by Studio 66, click here. 


Are you a song writer wanting to submit your music to Studio 66 Royalty Free Music? click here for more information. 

Alternate Song Versions

(All Songs Are 48k, 24bit wav files)


FULL - (Full) The song in its original state that you hear in the streaming sample.

NO MELODY - (No Mel) The instrument performing the main melody or hook of the song is muted in this version. 

NO MELODY, NO DRUMS - (No Mel Drm) The instrument performing the main melody or hook of the song as well as the drums and percussion are muted in this version. 

NO DRUMS - (No Drm) All drums and percussion are muted in this version.

DRUMS AND BASS  - (Drm Bass) This version has everything muted except the drums and bass guitar. 

*Not all songs have alternate versions. One's without will be labeled as such. 

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